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In the initial draftsf the script for Deadpool 2, out May 18, star Ryan Reynolds revealed to EW for this week’s cover story that he and cowriters Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick envisioned Deadpool as a dad.“The genesis of it was “What if Deadpool had a child?” Like, what if we started five years later and what would that be like? By page 1.5, it was totally untenable,” says Reynolds. “We were just like, ‘Nope. Nope. No, no, no. This is never, ever going to work.’ We went back to the drawing board and kind of reworked it in a way about wanting to have a child, which is something that so many people I know experience on a daily basis — wanting to have a child but can’t.”

While the movie is a profane, hard-R action-comedy, it also does speak to the importance of family. Says Reynolds, “The first movie is a love story masquerading as a comic-book movie, and this one is kind of a family film masquerading as a comic-book film again.”Deadpool 2 has dropped a new poster, and it’s got the fun, wacky style you’d expect from the marketing campaign that 20th Century Fox is clearly having a ball with. The Struzan-inspired art design is a nice touch, and it’s got fun gags including a literal kitchen sink, which ties in nicely to how the whole cast is presence…except one.

Look closely and you’ll see that T.J. Miller, who has been present in past advertising for the movie, is nowhere to be found. While he’s still listed in the credits (and presumably will be in the finished film), Fox has decided that it’s probably for the best not to include the face of a guy who was arrested for allegedly calling in a bomb threat to a train. Presumably if we ever get Deadpool 3 (and Ryan Reynolds thinks that X-Force is the future of the character for the time being), I seriously doubt they’ll bring back Miller.Check out the Deadpool 2 poster below. The film opens May 18th and also stars Josh Brolin, Zazie Beetz, Julian Dennison, Morena Baccarin, Brianna Hildebrand, and Jack Kesy.

According to Ryan Reynolds, Deadpool 2 is actually a film about family. And in its original form, it was going to be even more about family than you might think. According to Entertainment Weekly, Reynolds and Deadpool co-writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick originally had Wade Wilson be a father in the sequel. If you’re thinking Logan, you should probably stop. Wolverine technically isn’t a father in that movie, even if the little girl does call him daddy at the end. There wouldn’t have been any confusion with Deadpool, though — if they didn’t ditch it.

So this means that Deadpool 3 will be a film about growing old and mortality disguised as a superhero story starring an immortal psychopath, leaving X-Force to be about proper budgeting for retirement clouded by a plot about world domination cococted by Stryfe, right? We can only hope for that last bit. Start feeding audiences proper life tips in these movies and we might just save society.Deadpool 2 star Ryan Reynolds shared a picture of a fan showing off their awesome Peter cosplay. In addition to bringing back Deadpool and other favorites from the original film, the upcoming superhero sequel Deadpool 2 introduces a bunch of new characters to the franchise, many of them fan favorites from the comics. Foremost among these of course is the mutant Cable, played by Josh Brolin.

Along with a new adversary, Deadpool also gets support from his own Avengers-like team, the X-Force. Zazie Beetz plays X-Force member Domino, Bill Skarsgård plays Zeitgeist, Terry Crews plays Bedlam and Lewis Tan plays Shatterstar. And then there’s the other member of the X-Force, a guy with no apparent superpowers named Peter, played by Rob Delaney. Peter made his hilarious debut in the final Deadpool 2 trailer, and since then he’s become another unlikely fan favorite.In the film, Deadpool finds himself a little in over his head dealing with Cable and puts in a call for superhero applicants. In addition to meeting the usual mutants with special abilities, Deadpool also meets with Peter, who’s just a guy looking for a job. For some reason, Deadpool decides to hire him. The next thing we know, Peter is skydiving into danger like Tom Cruise with a bushy dad mustache.

The Peter character is another example of the wry, form-breaking humor we’ve come to expect from Deadpool. But will Peter prove to be more than just a gag character? It wouldn’t be surprising to see Peter actually end up playing a significant role in the film. Writers Rhett Reese, Paul Wernick and Reynolds already proved in the first Deadpool that they’re willing to play around with the conventions of the superhero genre. The whole point of Deadpool is to subvert comic book tropes, while simultaneously delivering legitimate action.And even if Peter does end up as a gag character in Deadpool 2, the gag has already paid off in terms of social media buzz and fan excitement. Of course, the potential downside of the Peter buzz is that, should something bad happen to him in the movie, there will be a huge backlash. Just remember what happened when Stranger Things killed off Barb. Let’s hope we don’t end up enduring a #JusticeforPeter campaign after the film releases.

Deadpool 2” hero Ryan Reynolds and baddie Josh Brolin were spotted at dinner together in Rome after they appeared on a local version of “Dancing With the Stars.”The Hollywood pair arrived at celeb favorite Antica Pesa at about 10:30 p.m. on Saturday.Earlier they’d oddly appeared on the show “Ballando Con Le Stelle,” where Ivana Trump danced with ex-husband, Rossano Rubicondi, as competitors.Said a spy of Reynolds and Brolin, “They enjoyed the dinner in the courtyard,” but, “only Josh took a dessert Ryan skipped it to stick to his no-sugar diet.”In this week’s edition of the Variety Movie Commercial Tracker, powered by the TV advertising attention analytics company, Twentieth Century Fox claims the top spot in spending with “Deadpool 2.” (It previously topped our April 23 chart.)

Ads placed for the superhero sequel had an estimated media value of $4.55 million through Sunday for 765 national ad airings on 27 networks. (Spend figures are based on estimates generated from April 30 through May 6. Estimates may be updated after the chart is posted as new information becomes available.) Twentieth Century Fox prioritized spend across networks including Fox, TNT and ABC, and during programming such as NBA Basketball, Empire and Fear the Walking Dead.Just behind “Deadpool 2” in second place: MGM’s “Overboard,” which saw 1,022 national ad airings across 24 networks, with an estimated media value of $4.02 million.