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Wakanda forever! Since Black Panther proved such a blockbuster, a sequel was inevitable, and Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige confirmed one in March.But with the sequel announced so close to the release of the original film, it’ll be a while before many details begin to trickle out. Plus, just two months after the release of Black Panther, we visited Wakanda again in Avengers: Infinity War, which featured T’Challa (Chadwick Boseman), Shuri (Letitia Wright), Okoye (Danai Gurira) and others in an enormous battle scene set in the African country (poor Okoye just wanted a Starbucks, or maybe the Olympics).

A lot of hard work went into making Black Panther — but that doesn’t mean the cast didn’t have a great time making the Marvel blockbuster.Ahead of the film’s Blu-ray release, we now have a gag reel to prove it! In the clip from it above, stars Chadwick Boseman, Lupita Nyong’o, Michael B. Jordan, Angela Bassett, Danai Gurira, Letitia Wright make the most of their downtime between takes. There’s a lot of dancing, laughing and joking around going on.

“In between takes we would have rap battles, which I would win,” Wright tells PEOPLE. “Talk to everyone. They’ll confirm it. It’s been confirmed.”The actress says her favorite day on set involved the filming of a big battle scene, a couple rap battles and ice cream.“We had a big scene at Warrior Falls, and this scene is so huge that you need to go down loads of steps to get to the bottom of the ground,” Wright recalls. “It’s a big set that was built at one of the studios in Atlanta.

“In between takes we would just have all of our costumes on and everybody’s all painted with the tribal paint. In between that we would have rap battles, which I would win and Ryan [Coogler] would hire out King of Pops and ice cream trucks. They’d have King of Pops giving out ice lollies and stuff. Those days were fun because the takes were so big, the scene is so big, in between we were just having time to just have fun and laugh and get through the day.”

Black Panther is now available on digital and arrives on Blu-ray May 15.Wrote Oscar winner and Black Panther star Nyong’o on Twitter, “The Black Panther bloopers are lit.” Lupita is right about all things in general, and she’s especially right about this. From Michael B. Jordan’s dance moves to Angela Bassett calmly cursing to Danai Gurira goofing around between takes, you’ll be screaming Wakanda Forever at your phone before you even know it. And um, did I mention that Michael B. Jordan dances in it? Because he does. There could be a separate set of Black Panther bloopers dedicated to Killmonger just messing around, and we would be all for it.

There’s no word on whether Killmonger dropping “Hey, Auntie” for the first time makes the cut, but that heart-stopping moment was *famously* improvised by Michael B. Jordan
Costar and general flawless queen Angela Bassett revealed to BuzzFeed that he just made up that line on the spot, and it was so perfect, they had to leave it in. Understandable. So please, enjoy this teaser clip of the many, many Black Panther bloopers that are out there. Do you have a favorite? Is it all of them? Yes. But also, any time the set malfunctions is hilarious.Erik Killmonger’s story is a sad one, even more so now that it has been revealed what happened to his mother.On the commentary track for the Black Panther Blu-ray, director Ryan Coogler talks about what happened to the off-screen character.

Before the events of Black Panther, N’Jobu (Sterling K. Brown), the brother of the king of Wakanda, falls in love with a woman in Oakland and they have a child, who grows up to be Erik “Killmonger” Stevens (Michael B. Jordan). It is through his love for Erik’s mother that N’Jobu changes his mind about the world outside of Wakanda, and decides he must help its people.At the start of Black Panther, the audience sees N’Jobu and a young version of Forest Whitaker’s character, Zuri (Denzel Whitaker in the flashbacks), formulating a plan in an Oakland apartment.”The idea was when you see those guys talking over the paperwork in the beginning of the film, they’re talking about a way to break her out of jail,” Coogler explains. “The idea was they never got her out, and she passed away in prison, so Killmonger didn’t come up with a mom either.”

Called by Coogler the most important moment in the film, T’Challa (Chadwick Boseman) later learns that his father, T’Chaka (played by Atandwa Kani in the flashbacks), killed N’Jobu, who had secretly been planning to arm the oppressed people of the world with Vibranium. After killing his sibling, T’Chaka left his nephew Erik (played by Seth Carr in flashbacks) alone in Oakland so that the people of Wakanda would not find out about what had transpired.As an adult, Killmonger seeks both revenge and to fulfill his father’s vision.When Feige confirmed Black Panther 2, telling Entertainment Weekly, “we absolutely will do (a sequel),” he didn’t give many specifics, and certainly not a release date. But one look at the jam-packed Marvel movie schedule gives some clues. Captain Marvel and Avengers 4 are coming in 2019, and that’s way too early to film a second trip to Wakanda anyway. Even 2020 seems like a reach.

Striking while the hero is hot is a great idea, but our guess is that 2021 is the earliest we’ll see Black Panther 2, whatever it ends up being named. Also, Marvel has an open date for an unnamed movie on Feb. 18, 2022. That’s almost exactly four years after the first Black Panther and would give the series a nice symmetry.Although nothing’s official, it seems clear Marvel will do what it takes to get director Ryan Coogler back behind the camera. When asked by Variety if Coogler would direct the sequel, Feige said, “I hope so,” and that he “absolutely” wanted him back. Barring some contact-talk collapse, he’ll be back.